How RFID Asset Tracking simplifies Pipette Management and Calibration

RFID Based Pipette Tracking Software for Laboratory

Are you in charge of a bio lab where you need to manage calibration and servicing of pipettes? We empathize with you. We know pipettes are crucial for experiments conducted within labs. However, they also tend to move around a lot – yes, a lot! One of the biggest challenges is to make sure the pipettes are in the right lab. But it is harder and more crucial to find them when they are due for calibration. Using RFID asset tracking for pipette management is a great solution to address these issues. AssetPulse has worked with world’s leading pharmaceutical companies to track their pipettes. Pipettes require special type of RFID

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How a Lab Equipment Tracking Software helps you to locate a piece of Lab Equipment easily and accurately

Lab Equipment Tracking Software

Scientists and engineers move equipment around because there isn’t enough of each type of equipment. It may not be prudent for the lab to purchase too many of the same type, because the lab equipment manufacturer is regularly releasing new products with advanced features. Lab budgets have to be judiciously structured to allow for purchases of the new equipment. This, of course, results in a constant shortage of some type of equipment or another. So, it’s not uncommon for equipment to be moved between labs.  Why you need Lab Equipment Tracking Software Scientists and engineers are focused on the task at hand. When they need to use a specific piece

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How AssetPulse assists in Lab Equipment Calibration Management

Timely lab equipment calibration is essential in the Biotechnology industry 1. Why is calibration important? Given the enormous impact of the Biotech sector on the lives of billions of people, the industry takes every measure to ensure it conducts its research with accurately calibrated equipment.  Labs have to adhere to numerous regulatory compliance requirements to ensure their product integrity, which include proper instrument calibration in a timely manner. A calibration certificate is issued for equipment after validation. This certificate contains key information such as a reference standard, last calibration date, next calibration due date, normal operating range of instrument etc. The calibration certificate is a mandatory document that is referred

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How AssetPulse RFID Equipment Tracking eases Asset Maintenance and Service

AssetPulse RFID enabled asset tracking facility

RFID equipment tracking helps equipment owners to maximize the life of their assets by facilitating regular maintenance and repairs of their equipment. RFID equipment tracking can be leveraged across numerous industries for this purpose, including manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, lab equipment and Utilities. Building maintenance professionals who are responsible for HVAC equipment can also greatly benefit from the use of RFID. A CMMS Study finds that 34% of users do not track asset data. According to the study, two thirds of them track asset data manually. This can lead to inaccuracies and incomplete information about their assets. Having suboptimal maintenance procedures can greatly impact the longevity and safety of

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The Role of RFID Asset Tracking Solutions in Oil Industry’s Consolidation Process

As the world oil markets continue to be in flux, consolidation within the oil and gas industry, especially in North America, is accelerating. The small to medium business sector is seeing significant activity. Companies are being acquired, not only for their customer base, but also for their assets. Organizations that are positioning themselves as acquisition candidates need to streamline their business processes and show enhanced visibility of their assets. This makes them more attractive to prospective acquirers. RFID Asset Tracking Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry Using AssetPulse’s RFID based asset tracking solutions, these savvy companies not only achieve 100% visibility of their assets, but also can leverage them to

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