AssetGather For Rapid Inventory

RFID enabled rapid inventory tracking with mobile scanner


The AssetGather for Rapid Inventory is a simple and complete handheld-based RFID enabled solution that helps speed up the process of inventorying large numbers of assets of any kind, dispersed over multiple areas.

RFID tags, unlike bar codes, do not need line-of-sight reading and equally importantly, are able to read multiple tags at the same time. These features make RFID advantageous for use in inventorying - especially when the task needs to be performed more often and where automation of the inventorying process is desired.

RFID based Rapid Inventory of assets with Mobile Scanner
Benefits for you

A simple handheld RFID based solution for performing quick and regular Inventories.

  • Complete Your wall-to-wall audits 10X faster!
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reconcile inventory automatically and painlessly
  • Search for missing asset quickly
  • Minimal infrastructure or process changes
  • We offer a complete off the shelf solution and services that help kick start RFID asset tracking
Case Study

The Federal Reserve Bank of a country in the Caribbean uses AssetGather to track not only IT and IT related equipment, but also furniture.

Having moved from a barcode based system, the AssetPulse solution helps them perform audit and reconciliation of their entire inventory within a fraction of time it used to take them earlier. They have also successfully integrated with their Enterprise Asset Management system.   Read More

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