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RFID Enabled IT Asset Tracking Software


All organizations place a priority on tracking their IT equipment, either for compliance reasons or because of the valuable data stored in these assets. IT equipment can either be distributed throughout an organization or consolidated in a datacenter. Often, doing inventory audits of these assets, either manually or using barcodes, can be tedious, time consuming and error prone.

AssetPulse’s AssetGather is a comprehensive solution that not only helps asset managers achieve complete visibility of their IT equipment, but also accomplishes this in an efficient and accurate manner. The solution is flexible enough to work with handheld readers exclusively, or by combining them with fixed readers that monitor zones or portals.

Multiple RFID technologies may be used to address IT asset tracking needs, including passive and active RFID.

RFID Based IT Equipment – Laptops, Desktops, CPUs, Servers Tracking Software
Benefits for you

Track a variety of IT equipment including servers, desktops, laptops, networking and storage gear, tablets and smartphones distributed throughout the organization.

  • Complete inventory audits efficiently and accurately
  • Improve security and alerting
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Locate assets easily and quickly
  • Manage warranty, insurance and replacement
What we offer
  • AssetGather Server software, AssetGather Mobile software for handheld readers and middleware software for fixed readers
  • RFID handheld and fixed readers
  • Customized RFID tags optimized for a variety of IT and office equipment
  • Consulting services to help organizations address their asset tracking needs
  • Onsite and offsite professional services to deploy our asset tracking solutions
Case Study

AssetGather tracks IT equipment at a financial institution in the United States. Not only did the institution need to know where its IT assets were, but it also had compliance requirements. A variety of passive RFID tags were used to tag numerous types of equipment ranging from servers, desktops, laptops, tapes and smartphones. Using a combination of handheld and fixed readers, the institution was able to complete its audits in less than 15% of the time it took to do it manually. The resulting audits were the most accurate in history, much to the delight of the auditors!  Read More

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