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All organizations place a priority on tracking their IT assets, either for compliance reasons or because of the valuable data stored in these assets. IT assets can either be distributed throughout an organization or consolidated in a datacenter. Often, doing inventory audits of these assets, either manually or using barcodes, can be tedious, time consuming and error prone.

IT assets that are audited span the spectrum - servers, desktops printers, copiers, projectors, network equipment, laptops, tablets and maybe even smartphones. Both Government and commercial organizations are faced with the manual and time-consuming task of performing year end audits of their IT assets.

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Most computing hardware, with the exception of mobile equipment like laptops and tablets, are expected to stay put for the most part. However, that is often not the case. Over a period of time, assets get moved and sometimes temporarily misplaced within the organization.

It causes the required periodic audits which are manually intensive, to be very time consuming and potentially error-prone, as they mostly involve manual reading of serial numbers and updates in spreadsheets or existing enterprise systems.

IT assets like servers or desktops might be sent out or taken out for maintenance, repairs or upgrades. Equipment of personnel who have left the organization or retired could be swiftly repurposed for some other use within the department.

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All this could happen without the knowledge of the IT inventory manager. These are a few reasons why inventory audits tend to be such protracted nightmares.

How AssetPulse’s RFID IT Asset Tracking Solution helps?

AssetPulse’s RFID IT asset tracking system is a comprehensive solution that not only helps IT asset managers gain complete visibility of their IT assets, but also accomplishes this in an efficient, painless and accurate manner. The RFID IT asset tracking system is flexible enough to work with handheld RFID readers exclusively, or by combining them with fixed RFID readers that monitor zones or portals.

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Handheld RFID readers and/or fixed RFID readers can be used to monitor presence of IT Asset in the premises and to perform very accurate and comprehensive inventory audits rapidly. By installing fixed RFID readers at strategic choke points or portals, mobile IT assets like laptops that move in or out of the facility can be tracked in real time.

AssetPulse’s RFID IT asset tracking software allows inventory managers to view and export reports of the inventory for a given period, list of current inventory or missing inventory.

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Additionally, AssetPulse RFID IT asset tracking software enables the inventory manager to track associated data about the assets including attributes like manufacturer, model, product purchase date, warranty expiry date and so on. The system is equipped with a simple, intuitive interface to perform complex searches to facilitate business processes, for example, to be able to generate a list of desktops that were purchased 5 or more years earlier, so they can be located and replaced with new computers.

Advantages of AssetPulse RFID Solution for Data centers

In the case of data center asset tracking & inventory management specifically, auditing of densely packed IT assets, including servers, network gear, storage equipment etc. can be extremely challenging. That is the reason, inventory audits are done few and far in between. These issues are handily addressed with RFID IT asset tracking solutions. Handheld RFID readers can be used to rapidly audit the servers in data centers, which would otherwise involve intensive manual labor. Further, datacenter managers want complete visibility into any computer hardware movement. Tight control is essential, which can be achieved with RFID for data center asset tracking by instrumenting the doors with fixed or stationary RFID readers to automatically track movement in and out of the datacenters.

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The AssetPulse RFID IT asset tracking software has a very comprehensive rules engine that allows users to set up sophisticated rules so they can be alerted on exception events. Exception events include detecting movement of assets through doors/portals, missing assets, assets detected in unexpected locations or at unexpected times, etc. These are especially useful in datacenters, when assets are detected leaving or entering the datacenter. Additionally, AssetPulse RFID IT asset management software proactively alerts users of upcoming maintenance-due-dates for these servers and other IT assets - both via email as well as via software alerts.

AssetPulse Mobile RFID IT Asset tracking software that runs on handheld RFID readers or smartphones can be used to quickly and efficiently perform audits and to physically locate equipment.

Multiple RFID technologies may be used to address IT asset tracking needs, including passive RFID and active RFID.

RFID IT Asset Tracking Benefits

Track a variety of IT assets including servers, desktops, laptops, networking and storage gear, tablets and smartphones distributed throughout the organization.

  • Complete inventory audits efficiently and accurately
  • Detect movement of assets as they move through and in/out of buildings
  • Improve security and alerting
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Locate assets easily and quickly
  • Manage warranty, insurance and replacement
  • We offer a complete off the shelf solution and services that help kick start RFID IT asset tracking

Case Study

AssetGather tracks IT assets at a financial institution in the United States. Not only did the institution need to know where its IT assets were, but it also had compliance requirements. A variety of passive RFID tags were used to tag numerous types of equipment ranging from servers, desktops, laptops, tapes and smartphones. Using a combination of handheld and fixed readers, the institution was able to complete its audits in less than 15% of the time it took to do it manually. The resulting audits were the most accurate in history, much to the delight of the auditors!.

Frequently Asked Questions

RFID IT asset tracking is a technology that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and readers to automatically monitor and manage IT assets such as servers, laptops, tablets, printers, network equipment, and smartphones. RFID IT asset tracking can provide real-time data on the location and status of IT assets, as well as alert users of any changes or issues.

RFID IT asset tracking works by attaching RFID tags to IT assets and using RFID readers to scan them. Associated information about the assets, such as their ID, model, purchase date, warranty expiry date, etc, can be tracked alongside the asset itself. The RFID readers capture the data from the tags and send it to a software system, such as RFID IT asset tracking software, where it can be stored, analyzed, and reported.

RFID IT asset tracking can offer many benefits for IT asset management, such as:

  • Increased Efficiency and Accuracy: RFID IT asset tracking can reduce the time and labor required for manual inventory audits, as well as eliminate human errors and data entry mistakes. RFID IT asset tracking can also improve the accuracy and completeness of the inventory data, as it can capture more information and update it more frequently than manual methods.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: RFID IT asset tracking can help prevent IT asset theft, loss, or misuse, by providing real-time visibility and alerts on the movement and status of IT assets. RFID IT asset tracking can also help comply with regulatory and contractual requirements, such as IT asset disposal, maintenance, and reporting.
  • Optimized Performance and Utilization: RFID IT asset tracking can help optimize the performance and utilization of IT assets, by providing data on the usage, and availability of IT assets. RFID IT asset tracking can also help identify and resolve IT asset issues, such as malfunctions, repairs, or upgrades.

AssetPulse, a comprehensive RFID asset tracking system, helps you take complete control of your IT assets. Some of the features of AssetPulse RFID IT Asset Tracking System are:

  • Flexible and Scalable: AssetPulse RFID IT Asset Tracking System can work with different types of RFID tags and readers, such as passive, or active, and handheld or fixed. AssetPulse RFID IT Asset Tracking System can also support various IT asset types, sizes, and environments, such as data centers, offices, or warehouses.
  • Intuitive and User-friendly: AssetPulse RFID IT Asset Tracking System has a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to perform complex searches, generate reports, and configure alerts. AssetPulse RFID IT Asset Tracking System also integrates with existing IT systems, such as CMDB, ERP, or CRM, to provide a seamless and consistent data flow.
  • Powerful and Intelligent: AssetPulse RFID IT Asset Tracking System has a robust and intelligent engine that can process and analyze large amounts of data, and provide actionable insights and recommendations. AssetPulse RFID IT Asset Tracking System also has a sophisticated rules engine that can set up custom rules and triggers for different scenarios and events, such as IT asset movement, inventory audit, stock count or refresh cycles.

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