AssetGather on the Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphone-Based Asset Tracking Software

AssetGather Smartphone is a light-weight software application designed and developed for Smartphones or tablets. This application enables a very quick and efficient asset tagging process, check-out and check-in of assets, preventive maintenance, work-flow monitoring and calibration management. Asset information can also be updated on the fly using AssetGather Smartphone.

RFID Asset Tracking Software in Your Smartphone

Benefits for you

  • Works with RFID, Barcode and NFC
  • Inventory Audit, Check-In, Check-Out and Reconciliation
  • Maintenance & calibration of each equipment using flowchart application
  • View inventory and missing or unreturned asset reports
  • Wireless and offline (batch) data synchronization
  • Update asset details on the fly
  • Enables comprehensive and detailed preventive maintenance and inspections processes
AssetPulse Benefits

What we offer

  • Work with both passive & active RFID readers
  • Both Licensed & SaaS option
  • Rental option along with the handheld device for testing and trial purposes
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Bundled with AssetGather Server application
What We Offer

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