AssetGather RFID Handheld Reader Software

A Portable RFID Handheld Scanner Software

AssetGather Mobile is a light-weight software application for RFID and Barcode handheld readers. AssetGather Mobile has capabilities to perform inventory scans of locations, perform check-in and check-out of assets and perform physical searches of missing assets or assets that have upcoming calibrations or preventive maintenance. Associated asset information can also be updated on the fly using AssetGather Mobile. The software can also be extended to incorporate preventive maintenance or inspection-related tasks and actions.

RFID Handheld Reader Software for Asset Tracking and Inventorying

Benefits for you

  • Works with RFID, Barcode, NFC and GPS
  • Inventory Audit, Check-In, Check-Out and Reconciliation
  • View inventory and missing or unreturned asset reports
  • Search for missing items
  • Proximity search for assets (Geiger counter search)
  • Wireless and offline (batch) data synchronization
  • Update asset details on the fly
AssetPulse Benefits

What we offer

  • Both Licensed & SaaS option
  • Bundled with AssetGather Server application
  • Rental option along with the handheld device for testing and trial purposes
  • Multi-vendor support
What We Offer

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