AssetGather For Oil & Gas

RFID Enabled Oil & Gas Equipment Tracking Software


Businesses in the oil and gas industry own or lease a variety of physical assets such as pipes, crossovers, down- hole equipment, pressure control equipment, well logging equipment, storage containers and other field equipment. This equipment is moved frequently to and from job sites as normal course of business. The success of these businesses depends on the optimal use of their assets. Having complete visibility of their inventory including insight into the utilization, allocation, preventive maintenance and regulatory testing of each asset, is an elusive task for these companies.

AssetGather for Oil & Gas combines the benefits of using RFID-enabled handheld scanners for quick and accurate inventory along with the ability to perform rapid check-in and check-out of equipment as they are being sent to and from jobs. The solution can optionally be integrated with fixed RFID readers, GPS and cellular technologies to enable continuous real-time tracking at yards or remote job sites.

Track Pipes, Blow Out Preventer in Oil and Gas Industry using RFID
Benefits for you

RFID-based solution for tracking any equipment, big or small, including pipes, valves, generators, tanks and containers.

  • Maximize asset utilization
  • Identify missing or non-returned items
  • Manage obsolescence and replacement processes
  • Improve traceability of equipment
  • Proactively manage regulatory maintenance and testing
What we offer
  • AssetGather Server software, AssetGather Mobile software for handheld readers and middleware software for fixed readers
  • RFID handheld and fixed readers
  • Customized, ruggedized RFID tags to meet the rough handling and harsh environmental conditions
  • Consulting services to help organizations address their asset tracking needs
  • Onsite and offsite professional services to deploy our asset tracking solutions
Case Study

Oil and Gas major company uses AssetGather to track its pipe inventory

The AssetGather solution tracks thousands of pipes being shipped from the company's yards to offshore and onshore job sites. EPC Passive UHF Gen2 tags were specially customized to withstand rough handling and harsh environments of the oil industry. The company was able to greatly increase its inventory accuracy, while at the same time dramatically reduce the time its personnel took to check out and check in hundreds of pipes for every job. Periodic maintenance including pressure testing procedures were proactively and accurately managed by the AssetGather system.  Read More

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