Why RFID for IT asset tracking?

RFID for IT asset tracking

Year-end IT asset audits can cause major headaches for property or asset managers. IT equipment that are audited span the spectrum – servers, desktops printers, copiers, projectors, network equipment, laptops, tablets and maybe even smartphones. Both Government and commercial organizations undergo the same painful process when it comes to trying to complete their year-end audits. We hear stories of asset managers crawling beneath desks and searching the dark corners of closets looking for misplaced IT equipment. These searches not only take up the asset managers’ time, but also the time of the equipment users themselves, thereby negatively impacting productivity across the entire organization.

With our RFID based asset tracking solutions, one of our customers Lawrence Berkeley Labs who are tracking their IT assets in addition to their lab equipment,were able to reduce their audit time from 3 months to 3 weeks! The time needed to do an audit using RFID is a tiny fraction of what it takes to audit using barcode readers. It is less than 10% of the time needed for a barcode scan. The improvement in productivity is even more dramatic if the organization has been doing audits manually.

RFID for IT asset tracking

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Most IT equipment, with the exception of mobile equipment like laptops and tablets, are expected to stay put for the most part. However, that is often not the case. Equipment might be taken out because it isn’t working properly. It is quickly stashed in an already overcrowded closet – out of sight, out of mind. Someone retired or moved departments – their equipment could be swiftly re-purposed for some other use within the department. All this happens without the knowledge of the poor asset manager. These are a few reasons why year-end audits tend to be such protracted nightmares.

Since RFID scanning is so efficient, asset managers are able to take periodic snapshots of their inventory all through the year, instead of just doing a scan at year end. This allows them to be able to detect a missing item earlier. Owners of the missing equipment tend to remember what happened to it, because of less elapsed time. So, when the year-end audit comes around, there are very few surprises with regards to missing equipment.

Once the audits are done, reconciliation might also take an inordinate length of time. Figuring out the differences between your scanned list and the list that your Finance folks have given you can be tricky and cumbersome. Our AssetPulse IT asset tracking solution allows reconciliation to be performed with one button click, much to the relief of our users!

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