#1 RFID WIP Tracking System for Manufacturing

Real-Time RFID WIP Tracking Solution for Lean Manufacturing

WIP Tracking Software to Improve Production and Supply Chain Efficiency

Manufacturing production floors are often complex, chaotic, and error-prone environments with multiple assembly processes involving a lot of tools and materials moving around. The subassemblies or raw materials move from one location to another in bins, totes, or containers. Tracking them manually is not only a laborious process but also is prone for errors, especially in time-sensitive processes. This is where WIP tracking systems lend a helping hand to manufacturers to streamline the production process, cut down costs and improve efficiency.

Manufacturing engineers need to know how long an actual work-in-progress assembly is taking at each assembling/work station as opposed how long it is supposed to take. This data can help production supervisors to monitor the flow of materials throughout the production process, check for any bottlenecks and rectify them to ensure smooth workflow and production efficiency. But, traditional WIP tracking methods using spreadsheets does not provide real-time visibility.

AssetPulse's RFID WIP tracking solutions provide real-time visibility of raw materials in production lines. The RFID WIP tracking system plays a very vital role in almost all phases of manufacturing process. It helps tracking raw materials from receiving and putaway process. The WIP tracking software helps to detect bottlenecks accurately and efficiently, keep the demand and build requirements in sync, and ensure a lean and optimized production process.

AssetPulse's RFID production tracking software for manufacturing not only helps with improving the productivity, but also improves the overall efficiency, quality and cuts down the costs significantly.

WIP Tracking System for Real-time Visibility

AssetPulse's WIP tracking system with RFID provides real-time visibility of materials throughout the production process, right from raw material to finished product. WIP when converted to subassemblies are moved standalone or in bins, totes, and containers. AssetPulse's RFID solutions help manufacturing engineers to tag the material based on the size of the subassembly, the type of material and the environment that the tag is subjected to.

Using AssetPulse's WIP tracker, WIP can be done in real-time and in crucial phases of the manufacturing process. AssetPulse's WIP tracking system provides accurate snapshots of when a material entered and exited a specific stage in production. AssetPulse has extensive expertise and experience in providing real-time work-in-progress tracking systems tailor made for industrial manufacturing floors and clean room assembly lines.

RFID Based Lab Asset Management System For Auditing Inventory rapidly

WIP Tracker for better Inventory Management

AssetPulse's RFID-enabled WIP tracker helps to track WIP efficiently and ascertain the raw material inventory in real-time. Manufacturers can order for raw materials only if needed. It not only helps reduce costs but also makes inventory management and planning simple and more efficient.

WIP Tracker for better Inventory Management

WIP Tracking System for Production Efficiency

AssetPulse's WIP tracking system helps manufacturing engineers to detect bottlenecks accurately. If the WIP is more, then it indicates that there are bottlenecks in the production process and the process is inefficient. The production tracking software accurately detects bottlenecks such as “taking too long” steps, “waiting for parts” stoppages, “completed too quickly” steps, and out-of-sequence steps, etc. Rectifying the bottlenecks can help optimize the manufacturing process, reduce cost and improve production efficiency.

WIP Tracking System for Production Efficiency

WIP Tracking with Seamless ERP Integration

AssetPulse's work-in-progress tracking system integrates seamlessly with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems throughout the entire manufacturing process. The ERP Systems track the flow of materials virtually while AssetPulse's RFID solutions track the flow of materials physically. This synchronization of data back and forth between the two systems enables manufacturing engineers to view the data in a single dashboard, ensures smooth workflow in the manufacturing process, and helps validating the sequence of manufacturing process and raise alerts if there is any deviation in the workflow.

WIP Tracking with Seamless ERP Integration

WIP Tracking System Benefits

  • Monitor and Track WIP in real-time
  • Streamline Manufacturing and Supply Chain Process
  • Get alerts on workflow anomalies
  • Improve quality and reduce costs
  • Seamless integration with ERP systems
AssetPulse Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

WIP tracking software is a system that allows manufacturers to monitor the progress of work-in-progress (WIP) on the shop floor. It provides real-time insights into how WIP flows through the manufacturing process including tasks, materials used, and time spent, helping businesses optimize production processes.

WIP tracking offers several benefits. Manufacturers gain improved control over their production processes by monitoring WIP status, tracking materials, and managing tasks effectively. Real-time insights allow them to receive live updates on manufacturing progress from anywhere, enabling detection of bottlenecks and slowdowns, thereby facilitating better deadline management and timely adjustments even during high-demand periods.

RFID-enabled WIP tracking system leverages radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to monitor work-in-progress (WIP) throughout the production process. RFID tags on raw materials allow real-time scanning as WIP moves through different stages. Whether standalone or in containers, subassemblies are tracked. Integration with production systems enhances efficiency and quality control, reducing errors and optimizing processes.

WIP tracking offers real-time visibility into shop floor activity.The production tracking software helps monitor progress with sales and production orders in real time, enabling manufacturers to detect bottlenecks and slowdowns, so they can stay on top of deadlines, even during high-demand periods.

AssetPulse’s RFID-enabled WIP tracking system offers real-time visibility, accuracy, and seamless integration with manufacturing processes. Unlike manual tracking, it captures precise work-in-progress (WIP) data, optimizing production flow. Customizable tagging approaches adapt to unique needs, while ERP integration ensures efficient workflows. Critical insights help detect bottlenecks, enhancing overall productivity. In summary, AssetPulse’s RFID solutions revolutionizes WIP tracking, benefiting manufacturers across the board.

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