As a software solution provider, AssetPulse works with best-of-breed industry partners to deliver a complete end-to-end solution to our customers. We work with a variety of partners in the following segments:

  • RFID Hardware Infrastructure (Tag and Reader Vendors)
  • Middleware Vendors
  • System Integrators
  • Training

Featured Partners

The following is a list of featured partners that we are presently working with. Please note that our partnerships are not limited to these partners alone:

Zebra Technologies
MTI Wireless Edge
Times 7

Contact us for Partnerships

AssetPulse's software solutions are RFID infrastructure (i.e. reader and tag) agnostic by design. Our objective is to provide end-user customers with RFID hardware infrastructure - be it a passive, semi-passive or an active RFID system, that is best suited for the customer's particular requirement. If you are a RFID hardware solution provider looking to present a complete solution to your customer by leveraging AssetPulse application software, please contact us or fill our request form.

System Integrators

AssetPulse specializes in the development software and works exclusively thorough partner System Integrators to deploy and deliver solutions built around our software to end-users. If you are a System Integrator with customers who are looking for RFID or bar-code enables asset tracking solutions, please contact us or fill our request form to find out how we can help you deliver a customized solution for your particular customer's needs with our configurable asset tracking solutions.

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