RFID Indoor Tracking System

A Real-Time Asset Tracking Software

AssetGather for Indoor Asset Tracking is an RFID solution that helps to track an organization's critical assets like laptops, documents, equipment or even work-in-progress products as they move through a manufacturing, production or assembly floor. This is accomplished by collecting and processing data from these tagged assets in real time using RFID inventory tags. Depending on the type of RFID technology used, assets are tracked as they move either through zones or through reader portals, choke points and gates that are installed strategically at entry or exit points in the coverage area of interest.

The application allows assets to be easily located using a search screen and can also integrate with cameras, alarms or other sensors to enable comprehensive monitoring and tracking.

RFID Indoor Asset Location Tracking System - Find Your Assets in Real-time
Benefits for you

Fixed and Portal RFID solution for automated asset tracking within an organization.

  • Automate inventory tracking
  • Improve security and alerting
  • Protect intellectual property/corporate secrets
  • Improve asset utilization
  • Locate assets easily and quickly
  • We offer a complete off the shelf solution and services that help kick start RFID asset tracking
Case Study

Major High Tech company tracks prototypes as they move between areas in buildings

The AssetGather solution tracks movement of prototypes as they move through various areas in their R&D center. It not only provides visibility of all the prototypes, but also makes searching and locating of those prototypes much more efficient.

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