RFID Indoor Tracking System

A Real-Time RFID Indoor Tracker Software

RFID Indoor Tracking System to Track Assets in Real-time

Businesses spend millions of dollars on equipment that is essential to running their daily operations. Missing or misplacing them has a negative effect on the businesses’ bottom lines. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for companies to track their assets to effectively manage inventory, improve efficiency, security, and meet compliance requirements. However, manual asset tracking is time-consuming, can result in inaccurate data, has limited scalability, can increase costs due to the need for additional resources, is difficult to integrate with enterprise systems, is difficult to meet compliance regulations, and poses a high risk of loss or theft.

AssetGather RFID Indoor Tracking System uses RFID or other Auto-ID technologies to locate and track movement of high-value assets within a building or indoor facility in real-time. RFID tags are assigned to the assets or individuals and RFID readers are used to locate and track them. Our RFID Indoor Tracking System provides accurate location information in real-time and facilitates efficient monitoring and management of assets and personnel.

Indoor Asset Tracking

AssetGather for Indoor Asset Tracking automatically collects data from multiple tags at the same time, thereby reducing the time and effort required to track individual assets. The Indoor Tracker allows assets to be easily located using a search screen and can also integrate with cameras, alarms, or other sensors to enable comprehensive monitoring and tracking. Our RFID tracking platform can be easily scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of small and large businesses, making it a versatile solution for a wide variety of applications.

Indoor Tracking Use Cases

Indoor asset tracking is used in various industries including high-tech and biotech labs, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, data centers, etc. to improve inventory management, increase efficiency, and enhance security. There are a myriad of use cases, across all industries, for using RFID to track assets indoors. Some examples include tracking:

  • Lab equipment in labs and cleanrooms
  • IT equipment in datacenters and across the enterprise
  • Tools, work orders and WIP on factory floors and assembly lines
  • Finished product in warehouses
  • Weapons at armories
  • Documents
  • Personnel in secure areas

Benefits of Indoor Tracking using RFID

AssetPulse offers Fixed and Mobile RFID solutions for automated asset tracking within an organization. The benefits include:

  • Increased accuracy of inventory
  • Real-time tracking
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced security and alerting
  • Locating assets easily and quickly
  • We offer a complete off-the-shelf solution and services to get RFID asset tracking up and running at any facility.

Case Study

Major High Tech company tracks prototypes as they move between R&D zones in buildings

The AssetGather RFID Indoor Tracking solution tracks movement of prototypes as they travel through various areas in their R&D centers, across multiple buildings. It not only provides visibility of all the prototypes - what is where, but also makes searching and locating of those prototypes much more efficient.AssetGather's Smart Rules Engine has been configured to alert when an asset leaves one building and does not enter another within a certain period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor asset tracking empowers businesses to monitor and locate valuable resources within warehouses, factories, labs and other enclosed spaces. It provides real-time data on the location, movement, and condition of assets, which could be anything from inventory and machinery to staff. By implementing indoor tracking, organizations can improve efficiency, enhance safety, allocate resources effectively, manage inventory, and optimize maintenance processes.

Indoor asset tracking relies on a combination of hardware and software, typically involving tags or sensors attached to assets that emit signals picked up by receivers at choke-points throughout the facility, providing real-time location information to a central system.

RFID indoor tracking empowers businesses with real-time asset location and status, eliminating search time and inventory errors. This translates to streamlined operations, cost savings, and boosted productivity. The versatility of RFID indoor tracker benefits various industries, and unlike GPS, RFID excels indoors, making it ideal for indoor asset management.

There are several factors to consider when implementing indoor tracking. The size and layout of your facility, the types of assets you need to track, and your budget will all influence the best solution for your needs. Consulting with professionals like AssetPulse, who specialize in indoor asset tracking systems can help you determine the most suitable technology and ensure a smooth implementation process.

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