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Our focus is to provide comprehensive asset tracking solutions designed to improve the tracking of critical assets choosing from a variety of real-time tracking technologies. AssetPulse has deployed its solutions in diverse environments ranging from tracking IT Assets in and out of datacenters, indoor lab equipment at premier BioTech and Tech companies, weapons at a US Military Base, and pipes and other oil field equipment all over the world.

CEO - AssetPulse

Sujatha Bodapati, Founder and CEO

Sujatha has over twenty years of industry experience including ten years at HP where she was extensively associated with the HP OpenView program. Over the years, she has held various positions in R&D, R&D management and general management. She has been an entrepreneur for over 8 years. Prior to AssetPulse she founded ProdexNet which focused on Business Service Management and Management of RFID networks. She has a BS from Santa Clara University and an MS from Stanford University.

About our customers

AssetPulse boasts a large number of customers, both in government (Local, State and Federal) and in the commercial sector.

Our Government customers include the US Army, US Air Force, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency, US Department of Energy, Department of Justice, US State Governments, US State Universities, County Library Systems, County Governments and international National Banks.

AssetPulse commercial customers are spread across multiple continents, many of which are part of the Fortune 1000 list of American companies. Our commercial customers span several industry verticals including Tech, BioTech, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Energy and Construction.

AssetPulse has incorporated considerable Intellectual Property into the AssetGather software solution and holds US patents. AssetPulse also prides itself in its exemplary support service, both before and after sales.

About AssetPulse

AssetPulse is a San Jose, California based company focused exclusively on providing complete customizable IOT-enabled solutions for tracking assets in various domains and industries, including Lab environments, Clean Rooms, IT, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction and Rental Assets. IOT technologies include Passive RFID, Active RFID, Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE), Indoor GPS, Outdoor GPS, LoRaWAN. For more information, please call (408) 872-3104 or visit www.assetpulse.com.


If you have expertise in any of the following areas, AssetPulse would be interested in talking to you:

  • Machine learning professionals
  • Deployment technicians who can implement our solutions at customer sites
  • Deployment Project Managers
  • Sales professionals with experience selling into Enterprises and the Government

If you are qualified and interested please write us a note in our submit your resume.

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