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AssetPulse's mission is to help businesses get a better handle on all their asset related data. At AssetPulse we believe that accurate and up-to-date asset data is imperative for any business that is looking to gain a competitive advantage through the optimal use of all its critical assets. To provide a truly comprehensive view of all assets, our AssetGather platform is uniquely designed to collect, aggregate and correlate asset related information from a wide variety of data sources including real-time data from RFID tags and sensors and existing data from databases, spreadsheets and applications.


Sujatha Bodapati, Founder and CEO

Sujatha has over twenty years of industry experience including ten years at HP where she was extensively associated with the HP OpenView program. Over the years, she has held various positions in R&D, R&D management and general management. She has been an entrepreneur for over 8 years. Prior to AssetPulse she founded ProdexNet which focused on Business Service Management and Management of RFID networks. She has a BS from Santa Clara University and an MS from Stanford University.


If you have expertise in any of the following areas, AssetPulse would be interested talking to you:

  • Architects or Senior Software Developers with expertise in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing technologies
  • Sales engineers and consultants who can interface and work with our systems integration partners to help deliver our solutions to customers. Hands-on experience working with and deploying RFID-based solutions is desirable

If you are qualified and interested please write us a note in our submit your resume.

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