RFID Tracking System for Efficient Pipette Tracking and Management

The Ultimate Pipette Tracking and Management Solution

Pipettes are an integral component of all bio-based laboratories and cleanrooms, playing a crucial role in various scientific experiments. Their significance is paramount, and hence, effective pipette tracking and pipette management are vital for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of lab results. Pipette tracking and management involves several key activities, including inventory management, asset tracking, maintenance, and calibration scheduling and execution.

Lab managers face several challenges in managing and tracking pipettes. The widespread use of pipettes in labs necessitates a streamlined approach to managing calibration, data, shipping, and tracking. Inefficient processes not only burden staff but also disrupt workflows and can indeed impact the bottomline.

Regular pipette maintenance and calibration are essential to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of pipettes. This involves cleaning and decontaminating the pipettes, checking their operation for any jams, leakages, or other faults, and performing regular preventive maintenance. During maintenance and calibration, pipettes are often sent off-site, which requires the pipettes to be located within labs and cleanrooms, careful monitoring and tracking to prevent loss or damage.

To overcome these challenges, many laboratories are turning to solutions that not only automate the tracking and management of pipettes but also facilitate compliance with international standards, promoting efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in laboratory and cleanroom operations. AssetPulse's RFID asset tracking solutions can significantly enhance pipette tracking and management of pipettes in laboratories with ease.

RFID for Efficient Pipette Tracking and Inventory Audits

AssetPulse's RFID solutions help lab managers to locate pipettes and track inventory in real time. Pipettes need specific RFID tags that suit their distinctive shape and size and are also ergonomic such that they don't negatively impact their use. The RFID tags also need to withstand Isopropyl Alcohol wipedowns. RFID tags affixed to pipettes allow for quick and efficient inventory audits using RFID readers. This makes it easier to locate pipettes, especially when they are due for calibration.

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RFID Asset Tracking eases Pipette Calibration Workflow

AssetGather RFID system keeps users and lab managers informed about upcoming pipette calibrations, ensuring timely maintenance and smooth workflows. Calibration due dates trigger automated notifications, prompting the lab manager to track down the pipettes. With the help of a mobile RFID reader, these pipettes are located within labs and cleanrooms. They are placed in strategically positioned RFID bins throughout the lab to aid in easy collection of pipettes coming due for calibration. Sensing pipettes in the bins, the manufacturer or calibration company is notified to arrange convenient pipette pickup or dispatch a technician directly to the lab.

WIP Tracking System for Production Efficiency

AssetPulse's RFID Tracking Optimizes Pipette Maintenance

AssetPulse's RFID asset tracking system gives users and lab managers complete visibility, showing which pipettes, how many, and with precise serial numbers, require calibration, empowering informed decision-making. RFID tagged pipettes can also assist the calibration company in efficiently tracking them when they enter their own facility.

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RFID Asset Tracking for Real-Time Visibility

RFID Asset Tracking provides end-to-end visibility into the 'calibration supply chain' process. The customer can be notified that calibration was completed and that the pipettes are ready to be shipped back to the labs. The pipettes are deposited in the lab bins upon arrival from the calibration company and the lab manager is notified that they are now ready for use. Alerts can be sent if the pipettes aren't picked up in a timely fashion.

Similar workflow processes can be followed if calibration is performed internally, by the company's Metrology Department. Pipettes coming due for calibration can be dropped off at the RFID enabled Incoming Shelves of Metrology. When calibration is completed, the pipettes are placed in RFID enabled Outgoing shelves of Metrology. This will automatically trigger alerts to the lab managers to come and pick up the calibrated pipettes.

AssetPulse's RFID asset tracking system offers a comprehensive solution for pipette management, addressing the challenges of pipette tracking, maintenance, and calibration. It ensures efficient pipette asset management, promoting accuracy and reliability in laboratory operations.

WIP Tracking System for Production Efficiency
AssetPulse Benefits

Benefits of using RFID for Pipette Tracking

AssetPulse's RFID asset tracking system helps you to:

  • Track pipettes efficiently using specialized RFID hardware
  • Simplify calibration process using RFID-instrumented bins and notifications
  • Optimize pipette maintenance
  • Get real-time visibility into the calibration process

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