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RFID solutions for Manufacturing


The eternal quest of manufacturing organizations, regardless of industry – automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, biomedical, etc, - is to maximize throughput and boost productivity by cutting inefficiencies, increase visibility on the manufacturing floor and to improve quality. These companies have found RFID to be a useful partner in this quest.

AssetPulse’s RFID based asset tracking solutions are used by various manufacturing operations teams and it helps them in the following :

Increasing visibility by using RFID in manufacturing operations

  • Traceability of WIP sub-assemblies and finished product on the floor
  • Know throughput in each production phase, so they can be optimized
  • Know location of tools needed for production setup and execution, both for immediate use and for sending to calibration/inspections
  • Calibration management of all test and measurement equipment used on the floor
  • Track movement of labor to ensure the right personnel enter secure areas
  • Track high value inventory
  • Locate finished product in warehouse or outdoor yards
  • Know when finished product leaves factory and enters the supply chain
  • Efficient RTI (Returnable Transportation Item) management
AssetPulse RFID in manufacturing operations

Cutting inefficiencies

  • Know if product has stalled
  • Know if product is waiting for parts
  • Visibility of Bottlenecks
  • Know what equipment is idle so production schedules can be optimized
  • Locate receiving shipments in yard quickly


  • Know whether product goes through the various phases in the right sequence
  • Know if product is going for rework
  • Know if wrong tools are used for various tasks

AssetPulse RFID in manufacturing industries

These RFID use cases apply equally across many industry verticals, however with varying degrees of importance. For example, for pharmaceutical and bio medical device industries, locating tools and measurement equipment to be sent to Metrology is very important. Using out of calibration test and measurement equipment can be very expensive, since all product that is manufactured using out-of-calibration tools may need to be destroyed or reworked.

In other industries, it may be more important to know exactly when product entered a phase of manufacturing and when it exited, so throughput can be measured and bottlenecks identified.

In the mold and dye industry, for example, manufacturing can come to a standstill if the relevant tools are not found. Knowing the location of the tool – where on the floor it is, or where in the warehouse it is, can cut search times tenfold.

AssetPulse RFID in Manufacturing Operations

The solutions comprise of the following:

  • AssetGather Server software to visualize, report and alert on all aspects of manufacturing operations
  • AssetGather Mobile software on the handheld RFID Reader
  • AssetGather Adapter software managing the fixed RFID readers
  • RFID tags rugged enough to withstand the challenging manufacturing environments


WIP product, tools and manufacturing equipment are all items that can be tagged with RFID tags. However, one unique requirement of these tags is that they may need to withstand extremes in temperature, pressure, moisture and chemical exposure, shock, vibration, mechanical impact, etc. AssetPulse has a wide variety of tried and tested tags to address such challenges.

RFID Readers

Manufacturing environments can also require ruggedized RFID hardware - both handheld and fixed readers and antenna. Handheld readers have to withstand being dropped on concrete floors or being exposed to moisture, among other challenges. Fixed readers and antenna need to not only tolerate wide temperature ranges, but also withstand dust or moisture exposure or outdoor conditions. AssetPulse offers a wide selection of readers, antenna, cables etc. suitable for manufacturing environments ranging from sterile clean rooms to heavy engineering factories.

Benefits for you
  • Gain visibility of your WIP manufacturing floor to eliminate inefficiencies and quality issues
  • Receive exception alerts when errors and suboptimal events occur
  • Maximize throughput
  • Maximize efficiency of manufacturing labor
Case Study

An aerospace manufacturer has successfully implemented the AssetPulse RFID solution to track over 10,000 tools that are used throughout their factory floor and in their warehouse. One of the many benefits realized by the customer is vast improvement in efficiency. Earlier it would take anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 days to locate tools. Now, it takes less than 2 minutes!

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