Asset Tracking Software for real time Laboratory asset tracking and Maintenance

Lab Equipment Tracking RFID Solutions

Enhance the visibility of your lab equipment and optimize their calibration and maintenance processes with our state-of-the-art RFID tracking systems for laboratories. Our solutions are employed in the labs of top electronics, pharmaceutical, and biomedical companies, and even the US Department of Energy, to track critical equipment, prototypes, and samples in real-time.

Work Order Tracking RFID Solutions

Work Order Tracking RFID Solutions

Get instant visibility of the status of work orders with our Real-time Work Order Tracking RFID solutions. Track work orders from start to completion anytime, anywhere on the manufacturing floor. RFID tagged bins and sub-assemblies report their locations wirelessly. Eliminate manual entry, avoid errors and production delays. AssetGather RFID Work Order Tracking System integrates seamlessly with any ERP system and works well alongside your current manufacturing process.

Asset Tracking Software for real time Laboratory asset tracking and Maintenance

WIP Tracking RFID Solutions

Streamline the manufacturing supply chain process, improve quality and reduce costs with our RFID-enabled WIP Tracking solutions. Get an accurate snapshot of WIP in real-time - throughout the manufacturing process. Track raw material inventory in real-time, detect and eliminate bottlenecks to optimize manufacturing process for efficiency. AssetPulse’s RFID WIP Tracking Solution integrates with any ERP system, tracks materials physically and virtually, validates workflow sequence and alerts about any workflow anomalies.

RFID Asset Tracking Software for Operational Efficiency and Management

IT Asset Tracking RFID Solutions

Achieve complete visibility of your IT assets in an efficient, painless, and accurate manner. Complete inventory audits, track equipment location in real-time and keep the management updated with the latest compliance reports at the click of a button. From California to Taiwan, our IT asset tracking solutions are being leveraged by data centers and government and corporate institutions around the world.

RFID Software Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing & Traceability Tracking RFID Solutions

Gain complete visibility across your manufacturing supply chain. Our real-time tracking solutions are built to withstand tough factory working conditions. Manufacturers across industries are leveraging AssetPulse’s RFID solutions to maximize their production outputs by cutting inefficiencies, enhancing product quality, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

RFID Asset Tracking Software for Operational Efficiency and Management

Oil & Gas Asset Tracking RFID Solutions

Our RFID tracking systems for the oil and gas industry will help maximize ROI by enhancing asset visibility and utilization across the enterprise. Our software's check-in/check-out features along with its advanced dashboards allow organizations to gain visibility into their warehouses and yards. Our customers have been able to reduce downtime by efficiently managing the preventive maintenance and inspections of their equipment with our solutions.

What are the benefits of AssetPulse RFID asset tracking?

  • Automate and optimize your organization’s asset tracking, audit, and inventory processes using the latest RFID tracking systems, and stay on top of compliance.

  • Track and monitor your asset movement, utilization, and service history, 24x7.

  • Meet all your asset tracking needs with our wide range of customizable RFID tracking solutions.

AssetPulse’s web-based RFID asset tracking solutions comprise of our battle-tested proprietary software combined with state-of-the-art RFID hardware, and are designed to track and monitor critical assets and inventory within your company in real-time, quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Why AssetPulse?

  • For over 10 years, we’ve deployed our RFID tracking systems worldwide in varying environments, experiencing both extremes in outdoor weather as well as pristine and sterile indoor conditions.

  • Numerous government and private organizations, both large and small, trust AssetPulse’s RFID asset tracking solutions to maximize asset visibility and utilization within their enterprises.

  • Our solutions are deployed across several high-tech campuses in the US and around the world to track IT assets and lab equipment, and for WIP tracking in clean rooms and assembly lines.

  • We also have a large presence in the biotech sector - companies across all major biotech hubs in the US employ our solutions for calibration management and to track IT equipment, documents, and test and measurement equipment in labs.

  • Manufacturing companies across the United States in IT, biotech, aerospace, construction, and oil & gas industries use AssetPulse RFID tracking systems for their WIP, tool/traveler, and raw material tracking requirements.

  • Our RFID tracking solutions have also been successfully integrated with several ERP systems.


Where are we located?

AssetPulse is headquartered in San Jose, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley, just a few miles from the HQs of tech giants such as Apple, Google, Cisco, Nvidia, and Intel. We’re proud to name several such companies across the United States and around the world as our customers.

Our Customers

"The AssetPulse active RFID solution meets my needs for managing the ALS vacuum equipment pool. The inventory and search capability of the active system is invaluable during the yearly wall to wall inventory of the entire lab. Having an up-to-date inventory record of all assets will cut the time and labor cost to the lab to an ultimate minimum. Previously, wall-to-wall inventory has taken multiple weeks to manually find and scan these assets."

- Frank Zucca,
  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

"The AssetPulse solution has not only helped us gain visibility into our fast growing inventory, but it has also helped us increase efficiency and quality by allowing us to track maintenance and inspections of all our equipment in a proactive manner."

- Scott Yariger,
  Stuart Petroleum Testers

"We wanted to track what goes in and out of the stations, and at what times." Alco worked with AssetPulse, an RFID systems integrator specializing in asset-tracking applications. He says "The system has been in place for 18 months, Chaabane says, having been rolled out permanently after being tested on a small scale for a few months. To date, he adds, Alco has spent approximately $100,000 for the entire system, though he estimates that the company has already seen a return on its investment through improved asset utilization, as well as by avoiding having to replace lost assets."

- Adnen Chaabane.
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