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RFID Lab Equipment Tracking Software

Corporations and Government Agencies invest tens of millions of dollars on equipping their labs, regardless of the type of lab - electronic, bio tech, geological, materials, mechanical or industrial. There are multiple stakeholders interested in knowing whether the lab equipment is where it is supposed to be. The most high profile of them are the Finance and Lab management personnel. They have a common need to know whether the lab inventory is accurate and if the location of the lab equipment is known.

Lab equipment may be fixed or mobile. It is essential to know where the lab equipment is at any point of time to save valuable time that may otherwise be wasted by scientists, engineers or medical personnel in locating this equipment.

Lab inventory managers need to be able to quickly locate equipment when there is a request for it and always keep abreast of which team is using which lab equipment and if it was indeed still being used. Further, the current whereabouts and status of the lab equipment needs to be gathered without impeding the activities of the scientists and technicians.

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Handheld RFID readers and/or fixed RFID readers can be used to monitor the presence of equipment in lab areas and to perform very accurate and comprehensive inventory audits quickly. With easy lookups in AssetPulse RFID lab equipment tracking software, engineers, scientists and technicians save valuable time searching for equipment or prototypes.

Additionally, across all industries and with the medical or pharmaceutical specifically, it is essential that lab managers adhere to numerous regulatory compliances to ensure product integrity, which include proper instrument calibration in a timely manner. Lab equipment is sent out to third party calibration centers or in-house calibration teams and a calibration certificate is issued against equipment after validation. Calibration certificate is a mandatory document that is referred for compliance standard prior to producing pharmaceutical products.

RFID Laboratory Equipment Tracking System

As with any manual process, keeping track of calibration certificates and calibration due dates is subject to human error.

AssetPulse RFID Lab Equipment Tracking Solution

AssetPulse RFID laboratory asset tracking system facilitates the entire calibration process - from determining which assets need calibration to physically locating them and to processing the post-calibration paperwork.

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AssetPulse RFID Laboratory Inventory Management System

AssetPulse RFID Lab inventory management software proactively alerts users of upcoming calibration due dates - both via email as well as via software alerts. It also lets the user search the system for a list of lab equipment that needs calibration in the short term. They can download lab equipment lists to mobile RFID readers, which enable them to quickly and efficiently locate equipment on the lab floor.

RFID Laboratory Inventory Management System

AssetPulse RFID Laboratory Asset Tracking System

Proactive alerts from AssetGather lab inventory software allow the lab management to stay on top of calibrations and preventive maintenance. AssetPulse RFID laboratory equipment management system also allows for efficient check out or reservation of lab equipment.

RFID Laboratory Asset Tracking System

AssetPulse RFID Lab Equipment Tracking Benefits

A comprehensive solution to accurately and efficiently track all your lab equipment:

  • Eliminate valuable engineering and scientists' time wasted searching for lab equipment
  • Receive alerts and notifications about upcoming PM or calibrations
  • Locate lab equipment for PM and calibrations in a fraction of the time you used to take
  • Complete wall-to-wall compliance audits 10x faster
  • Get notified about lab equipment lease expiry. Easily locate leased equipment to be returned.
  • Allow your lab personnel to reserve lab equipment efficiently
  • We offer complete off-the-shelf solution and services that help kick start RFID asset tracking in laboratories.
RFID Lab Equipment Tracking Benefits
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Case Study

Leading high tech laboratory has increased visibility by tracking lab assets in real time across multiple buildings

Not only do they know where 100% of their lab assets are, but they also are proactively managing preventive maintenance and calibrations. They know what exactly is out to a third party for calibration and when it is returned so they can be put back to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Lab Equipment Tracking solution is a system that helps lab managers to keep track of their lab equipment’s location as they are moved around. It aims to quickly locate the equipment when needed for use or when it is needed to be sent for calibration, thereby increasing productivity through effective asset utilization and minimizing search times.

RFID technology allows for automatic tracking of lab equipment. As equipment moves around the lab, RFID readers can detect movement of the tagged equipment as they move through egress or ingress points and record their location. There are significant improvements in productivity even with handheld RFID scanners, since dozens of tagged equipment can be scanned in seconds, thereby reducing audit times by more than 90% as compared to using barcodes.

An RFID lab equipment management system is a solution that uses RFID tags, readers and laboratory equipment tracking software to easily locate assets, perform accurate wall-to-wall inventory audits in real-time, and efficiently locate and manage equipment that are due for preventive maintenance and calibration.

A laboratory inventory management system is software that helps lab inventory managers to have up-to-date lab inventory information, manage and streamline lab operations efficiently. It can be used to manage everything from samples and reagents to PPE and cleaning supplies.

AssetPulse's RFID Lab Equipment Tracking system is designed to track lab equipment - instruments and tools, get accurate inventory and locate lab equipment for timely calibration and meet regulatory compliance. It facilitates the entire calibration process - from determining which assets need calibration to physically locating them and to processing the post-calibration paperwork.

Using an RFID laboratory equipment tracking system can help labs find any asset very quickly, complete audits 10x faster, and get alerts for maintenance & expiring leases. It helps laboratories run more efficiently by effectively monitoring inventory, assessing stock levels, forecasting stock reordering, and eliminating inaccuracies when keeping track of resources.

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