AssetGather for Lab equipment tracking

Lab and Scientific Equipment Tracking Software


Finance and Lab management have a common need to know whether the inventory of their lab equipment is accurate and if it is where it is supposed to be. Handheld reader or fixed readers can be used to monitor presence of equipment in lab areas and to perform very accurate and comprehensive inventory audits quickly. With easy lookups in AssetGather, engineers, scientists and technicians save valuable time searching for equipment or prototypes. Proactive alerts from AssetGather allows the lab management to stay on top of calibrations and PMs. Our AssetGather solution also allows for efficient check out or reservation of equipment.

RFID Based Laboratory Equipment Management & Monitoring
Benefits for you

A comprehensive solution to accurately and efficiently track all your lab equipment:

  • Eliminate valuable engineering and scientists' time wasted searching for equipment
  • Receive alerts and notifications about upcoming PM or calibrations
  • Locate items for PM and calibrations in a fraction of the time you used to take
  • Complete wall-to-wall compliance audits 10x faster
  • Get notified about equipment lease expiry. Easily locate leased equipment to be returned.
  • Allow your lab personnel to reserve equipment efficiently
What we offer
  • AssetGather Server, Handheld and Adaptor Software
  • RFID Handheld and Fixed readers
  • Customized, RFID Tags to meet equipment use case and environmental conditions of the industry
  • Consulting services to help organizations determine optimal asset tracking methodologies and solutions
  • Onsite and offsite professional services to deploy our asset tracking solutions
Case Study

Leading high tech laboratory has increased visibility by tracking lab assets in real time across multiple buildings

Not only do they know where 100% of their lab assets are, but they also are proactively managing preventive maintenance and calibrations. They know what exactly is out to a third party for calibration and when it is returned so they can be put back to use.  Read More

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