AssetGather for tracking construction equipment

Construction Equipment Tracking Software


The dynamics of the construction industry creates a logistical nightmare for companies supplying construction equipments to building sites. Equipments are often shipped over time and in multiple orders to the same construction site. After one job is complete, parts may either be put into holding at the storage yard or shipped directly to the next construction site. This lead to poor maintenance , theft , misplacement and unauthorised use of equipment.

AssetGather for the construction industry is a real-time RFID and GPS technology based asset tracking solution designed specifically to help keep track of valuable construction equipments.

RFID Based Construction Materials and Valuable Equipment Tracking
Benefits for you

RFID based solution for real-time tracking of construction equipments and their components.

  • Improve visibility and traceability
  • Eliminate project delays and rental losses due to misplaced parts
  • Improve asset utilization and logistics
  • Locate assets on a map
What we offer
  • AssetGather Server software, AssetGather Mobile software for handheld readers and middleware software for fixed readers
  • RFID handheld and fixed readers
  • GPS and Customized RFID Tags to meet the rough handling and harsh environmental conditions
  • Consulting services to help organizations address their asset tracking needs
  • Onsite and offsite professional services to deploy our asset tracking solutions
Case Study

Tower crane parts at construction sites are tracked in real time by a supplier using AssetGather

AssetGather tracks individual components of cranes scattered all over the country at various construction sites. Active RFID is employed on the cranes and is integrated with GPS and GPRS technologies.  Read More

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