RFID for Lab Equipment Tracking – Expert Advice to Choose Tags, Readers & Antenna

Are you considering RFID for Lab equipment tracking?

Here are some key tips to choose RFID tags, RFID readers & antenna, based on 15+ years of RFID experience. We help Labs track anywhere between 50 to 100,000+ pieces.

RFID lab equipment tracking
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Research Info to choose RFID for Lab Equipment Tracking


You have a “standard lab” where tracked equipment is in the known lab/buildings & not subject to extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, etc.

Objectives Drive Tag Choice

There are hundreds of RFID tags & RFID readers. Most of them work with the same frequency and work with each other. However, to meet the objectives of your use case, you can’t choose an RFID tag independent of choosing a reader, antenna & software.

Before you choose your hardware/software, you need to firm up the objectives & use case details.

Key Questions to Answer

Answers to the following questions will drive selection of RFID technology (LF/HF/UHF), tag size, reader/antenna, software and cost too.

1) Do you want all the equipment to be tracked automatically in real-time or just make it easy for a fast manual audit using a handheld scanner?

2) How does your equipment travel? All within one lab, multiple lab areas in a building, or across buildings?

3) Do you want to assign equipment to people, and allow check-in and check-out like a library?

4) Do you want the tag to contain equipment maintenance history? Impacts read-only or read/write tag

5) How important is aesthetics – both the tag and the fixed RFID hardware? Do you want the antenna to be visible or not? Some of our clients have embedded them in walls and floors.

6) Do you want to monitor equipment stored in cabinets? Are you open to new cabinets?

7) Do you want to track equipment that is due for calibration and goes out for calibration?

8) Do you want to raise alerts when equipment is missing from a location?

9) Do you store excess lab equipment in offsite storage? If so, do you want to monitor offsite storage locations?

Implementation Tidbit

  • Most of the labs use UHF RFID to track lab equipment, not HF/LF.
  • The longer the read range, the bigger the antenna on the tag and hence bigger the tag itself.
  • OK to use two or more tag and reader types.
  • Choice of tag mounting methods determines success.

Equipment Homework

You need this information for a vendor/consultant to help you.

1) List all equipment you want to track – equipment, accessories, – sort by size if possible.

2) For each piece of equipment type, note the type of surface – metal, plastic, wood, etc.

3) When equipment is stacked, can you always ensure that there is an airgap for the RFID signal to communicate with the reader?

4) Lab layout including pictures of all entry, exit, storage area, benches and anything metal that could impact signals.

AssetPulse Solution – RFID for Lab Equipment Tracking

AssetPulse doesn’t manufacture any hardware. This enables us to source the best combination of RFID tags, readers, antenna and software for our customers. If you have decided to use RFID for lab equipment tracking, AssetPulse can be your trusted partner. With the amount of experience and expertise, AssetPulse can provide the best RFID lab equipment tracking solutions that suits your needs.

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Why AssetPulse’s RFID Tracking Solution Stands Out from the Rest

Prospects ask – what is different about AssetPulse’s RFID tracking solution?

Over 15 years, we have developed proprietary RFID deployment and tracking technologies that help reduce deployment time/cost, increase tracking accuracy and enable expand-as-you-go deployments.

We have competed head-on at top labs, SMBs, technology companies, biotech, pharma, manufacturing companies, police, government, DOD and won – purely because we gave each of our customers a competitive edge that could not be matched by any other RFID solution provider.

RFID tracking solution

RFID Tracking Solution Partnered with Best-in-Class RFID Hardware Vendors

Almost every RFID hardware vendor (reader, antenna, tag) and technology provider wants to work with us, because they know we have had a good track record of getting into high-profile accounts while at the same time, can provide quickly deployable solutions for SMBs. Our vendor’s salespeople know very well that when they involve us as an implementation partner, they will almost always get a complex deal.

We are proud to say that we get all the advanced equipment, pricing, tags, roadmaps, etc. from all top vendors in RFID industry. So, we have a pulse on where a lot of technologies are heading.

We have a testing lab that stress tests all the hardware we work with. Our customers source hardware from us because we stress test all the new versions.

US Patented RFID Tracking Solution

Here is an example of the US patent we were granted (I am on the patent too!)

AssetPulse Patent – Systems and Methods to Detect Cross Reads in RFID Tags

We have several machine learning algorithms and hardware technologies that can do automatic testing of tags at various orientations that enable speedy and accurate deployments.

If you are thinking of deploying RFID in any manner, please call me. Even if our solution is not a fit for you, I will make sure you get enough data so that you can pick the right vendor and solution.

Talking to hundreds of prospects each quarter over the last 15+ years has helped me have a deep understanding of the RFID space. When we talk, you will be leveraging that knowledge at absolutely no cost.

We welcome VARs, Integrators & Partners

We have worked with several VARs, System Integrators & Partners. If you have an ongoing project, we can work with you. In fact, some of the biggest projects have come for us by leveraging relationships of existing contractors with customers.

Hardware vendors & integrators know that their chance of closing sales go up by 300% if they bring us to the table. Their customers clearly see that we have the experience to reduce deployment and implementation risk.

Reach out to us if you want to learn more about AssetPulse RFID Tracking Solutions.

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How AssetPulse’s RFID Work Order Tracking System helps Manufacturers get Real-time Visibility

Tracking work orders on the manufacturing floor provides vital information about the state of the product, the last known location of the work order, the sequence of workflow, the time it stayed in each work cell, if the work order is completed and so on. It is an integral part of the assembly line. The purpose of work order tracking is to get instant visibility of the status of work orders, fine tune and improve the process. But, you can’t achieve that through manual and traditional work order tracking systems.

AssetGather’s RFID Work Order Tracking System helps you to automate work order tracking, eliminate traditional and manual work order tracking systems and get real-time instant visibility.

RFID work order tracking system
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Why AssetPulse’s RFID Work Order Tracking System

AssetGather’s RFID work order tracking system helps you to track work orders throughout the manufacturing process. RFID-enabled work order tracking enables you to accurately track the time spent at each work cell and determine the speed at which the products/materials move through the assembly line. Manufacturers can use this vital information to fine-tune and improve efficiency. RFID work order tracking system also helps you to quickly trace and track work orders that are misplaced and reduce downtime.

Locate RFID Bins & Parts Wirelessly

RFID tagged bins and sub-assemblies report their exact locations wirelessly. There is no chance of human error.

Just type in the work order, customer or other job name you assigned. You will know in real time, which production workbench, room or building each and every part of the work order is at.

Our RFID work order tracking system can also generate alerts if parts are not moving as per schedule or if they are stuck in one location for too long.

Barcode Bins & Parts can get lost

If you have a barcode system, then you are relying on manual scans that are prone for errors. Many times, operators forget to scan/enter or plan to do it later and forget, shift changes happen, and the inventory status is lost. You can avoid manual errors by just sticking an RFID tag next to the barcode. You can get instant visibility of the location of the part.

Works with Existing Work Order Systems

AssetGather’s RFID Work Order Tracking system can work with any ERP system you already have. Since this works alongside your manufacturing process, there will be no impact on your current manufacturing processes.

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How AssetGather’s RFID Lab Equipment Tracking Software helps R&D Lab Managers to get Instant Visibility

Lab equipment in R&D laboratories are highly expensive and very vital for testing and other critical processes. R&D Lab managers have to constantly track the movement of lab equipment inside the lab and between the labs to know the exact location of each equipment and check for equipment availability. In addition, R&D managers need to know when the equipment was last calibrated and which equipment is due for preventive maintenance in order to ensure that the equipment meets the regulatory compliance standards.

Lack of visibility of lab equipment movement can result in scientists and technicians wasting their time to search for the required lab equipment, and can cause delays. Lack of data on calibration and preventive maintenance can hinder the functioning of the lab, affect the quality of results, result in equipment failure and increase the expenses in terms of replacing lost or damaged equipment.

R&D managers cannot keep track of the lab equipment and manage calibration and PM process manually. This is where AssetGather’s RFID Lab Equipment Tracking Software helps to get real-time visibility of lab equipment and other accessories in no time.

RFID lab equipment tracking software

AssetGather RFID Lab Equipment Tracking Software

With our RFID Lab Equipment Tracking Software, R&D managers will be able to find the location and status of any equipment in the laboratory. It is as easy as performing a Google search. Using Handheld RFID reader and/or fixed RFID readers, R&D Managers can quickly monitor the presence of equipment in labs and perform inventory audits in no time. The best part is, no human intervention is needed after the lab equipment is tagged with an RFID tag. The RFID-tagged equipment wirelessly check themselves in and out as they are moved from one laboratory to another. AssetGather’s RFID Lab Equipment Tracking Software is the best way to track and trace laboratory equipment and accessories.

RFID Lab Equipment Tracking Software – Key Features

Automated Check-In / Check-out

The RFID laboratory equipment tracking system enables automated equipment check-in / check-out, raise alerts on missing equipment, what’s moved excessively and what’s not moved at all. It reduces asset audit times by more than 90%.

Handles Calibration & Preventive Maintenance Efficiently

AssetPulse RFID laboratory asset tracking software helps you to manage the calibration process efficiently. The software helps R&D managers to track and locate equipment that are due for calibration and proactively alerts managers of upcoming calibration dates via email as well as software alerts.

Handheld Reader leads you to Equipment

You can use the Geiger-counter search on the handheld reader to quickly lead you to the missing equipment or equipment that is due for calibration.

Deployed at both SMBs and Large Enterprises

AssetGather’s RFID lab equipment tracking software has been deployed at several SMBs, Fortune 1,000 companies, Pharma / Medical / Manufacturing / Computer Software and many other industries, at government agencies, and in the US Military.

Best in Class with US Patent Protection

AssetPulse has several US patents on RFID Asset tracking.

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How AssetPulse’s RFID Tracking Solutions help reduce Manufacturing Costs and Improve Efficiency

Manufacturers use technology and automation to streamline the manufacturing supply chain process, eliminate defects, reduce waste/costs, increase staff productivity and improve the overall efficiency and margins. AssetGather’s new RFID Tracking Solutions help cut manufacturing costs and improve efficiency.

AssetGather RFID Tracking Solutions for Manufacturing

AssetGather’s RFID Tracking Solutions help manufacturers to stay competitive by tracking inventory, automate workflows and staying less dependent on people. RFID automation not only cuts down on operations cost but increases customer satisfaction and productivity of experienced staff and managers who are in-house.

RFID Tracking Solutions
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By tagging all big parts and bins with RFID, manufacturers see that any temp worker can be trained to find a part using their handheld reader in just a few minutes. In the past, temp workers had to be given hours of training/instruction about the layout of operations, categorize each part and where they could find them through visual means. But, with a single click, AssetGather’s RFID asset tracking software helps you to track inventory and location of the assets.

Helps Improve Employee Management

In the past, companies relied on long-term folks, whose main advantage was to know where to store parts and how to find them. With an RFID upgrade, any new employee can be taught to store something roughly in the right place and to find finished goods instantly.

Managers get more time to Improve Efficiency

With RFID asset tracking software, management spends less time on hiring temp workers, training and the overall costs are significantly less. They become more productive and more cost efficient. They are less reliant on people and labor costs.

50+ Ways to Automate and Improve with RFID

There are 50+ ways where RFID can help Manufacturers, Labs, Biotech, Defense companies to improve traceability and physical workflow operations.

At AssetPulse, we have streamlined operations for several organizations, from a single plant manufacturer to global Fortune 1,000 companies. We have been doing this for 15+ years.

In a 30-minute discovery call, you will be able to see if RFID solutions will help you decrease manufacturing costs, increase efficiency even if you are using barcode or ERP solutions today.

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