Manufacturing Traceability using RFID Tracking

Traceability in the Manufacturing industry includes keeping track of supplier lots, batch number and/or serial numbers that are used in the production of a specific finished good. This allows a manufacturer to trace back any part of the finished good through all internal manufacturing processes to the original raw material. Capturing this genealogy data is a requirement for regulated industries like biomedical devices, pharma, automotive and food industries. Collection and recording of this data is often a manual process, which can be time consuming, inaccurate and inefficient.

Automating the capture of traceability data using RFID tracking is a step in the right direction. AssetPulse’ RFID Based traceability solutions can be used to track parts, process, equipment and people. Tracking all these four categories are essential to get a holistic traceability view of manufacturing.

The AssetGather RFID traceability solution lets you know which supplier lots or serial numbers were used in which finished good. It allows you to monitor the entire manufacturing process from the picking of raw material to its delivery to the assembly line and the consumption of the components on the line. This information can provide insight into where a defective part was introduced in the product manufacturing lifecycle.

At the same time, AssetGather’s RFID solutions can track and record the technicians or manual labor who worked on every stage of the manufacturing process for a specific finished good. This information can be valuable when reviewing for operator related errors in the event of a quality issue. Manufacturing equipment and tools are RFID tagged so they can also be tracked and recorded, such that one can determine which equipment or tools were used on which finished good and when.

AssetPulse’s AssetGather RFID Traceability solutions can play a big role in a company’s Industry 4.0 initiative. It provides insight into productivity, regulatory compliance and quality control. Automated data collection using RFID can play a big role in a company’s Manufacturing Digital Transformation program. Along with RFID Based AssetGather’s tight integration with Enterprise applications like SAP, Maximo, JD Edwards etc., a slew of benefits can be realized, including gaining insight into root-cause analysis by moving upstream step-by-step to hone in on the root cause, continuous improvement, wastage monitoring,  and allowing for accurate status updates on customer orders.