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RFID Reader

Knowing what assets are available, their current location at any given time and their operational status, is important to every company. However, each industry has their specific processes to track and manage their critical assets. The AssetGather platform has been built with usage scenarios for multiple industries in mind. Please contact us if you are from an industry that has unique processes or use cases which are not mentioned above.

UHF Passive Handhelds

Portable handheld RFID and Barcode readers with a touch screen interface and Windows Mobile-based operating system. Available with multiple polarization options. Up to 10 meter read ranges. Support for EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocol and more.

UHF Passive Fixed Readers

Fixed UHF Passive readers with multiple antenna options like portal, ceiling, wall mountable. Integrates with input/output devices such as sensors, lights and buzzers. Ethernet or RS232 (COM) based. Support for EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and more protocols.

Active RFID Readers

Fixed and mobile 433 Mhz active RFID readers for non-stop location awareness of assets. Reads up to 1,000 feet (with optional custom antenna configurations).


Choosing the right RFID technology and tags are the biggest factors in making an RFID deployment successful. Tags can be provided or customized based on cost/budget, size, form factor, environment, read range, ruggedness and aesthetics. AssetPulse can provide the right RFID tags from the best vendor for your requirements.

RFID Tags for IT Assets

Tags suitable for electrical, electronic, electromagnetic, metallic or non-metallic IT equipments such as computers, printers, monitors, etc. Tags available with foam padding or rugged casing.

Unique form-factor RFID tags

RFID Tags available for any kind of surface or equipment. Metal tie-wrap, nylon tie-wrap, cable tags, plastic wraparound, flexible tags, ring tags, wristband, badge tags, etc.

RFID Tags for Harsh environments

RFID tags designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, chemicals, etc. Perfectly suited for industries such as construction and oil.

HF Tags

High Frequency tags available for various form factors and applications such as jewellery and laundry tracking.

Metal Mount RFID Tags

Tags for direct mounting on metallic surfaces of any assets. Available in various shapes, sizes and mounting options including wraparound mount.

Embeddable RFID Tags

RFID tags which are embeddable into any material such as ceramic, wood, rubber, metal, and even concrete. The RFID tag can be read through the material in which it has been embedded.

Rugged RFID Tags

Packaged chip based (not inlay based) RFID tags, embedded in substances such as vulcanized rubber which are bolted or moulded to a metal bar for high durability and ruggedness.

Label Tags

Standard adhesive backed label tags for pasting on surfaces such as cardboard or wood. For applications such as pallet or document tracking.

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