AssetPulse announces an RFID Based Check-in / Check-out portal for its flagship AssetGather solution

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Oct 19th 2019 - AssetPulse, a leading provider of IoT enabled asset tracking solutions announces Smart Video Integration capability in its flagship AssetGather Platform. Unlike common video surveillance where video is captured at all times, the Smart Video Integration Module captures video clips only when an RFID tagged asset is detected moving through a portal. The Integration Module leverages AssetGather's ability to intelligently differentiate between static assets and moving assets in and near portals.

This intelligent video clip is added to the asset information and becomes part of the asset's permanent trace history. With the Smart Video Integration Module, organizations can not only track all the relevant information about an asset, but it also will now be able to hold information about who transported the asset and what the environment looked like during the time of transportation. In the event of multiple assets being moved at the same time, the video clips will become part of each asset's history, so they can be accessed independently of each other.

This is particularly relevant when an asset is being 'borrowed' for temporary use. Well meaning personnel move an asset with the intention of returning it, but often fail to do so. Knowing who moved the asset can be very beneficial especially when the asset is in high demand or needs to be located quickly, as in the case of an upcoming calibration event.

This is also useful when assets are borrowed from unattended central storage rooms and yards.

About AssetPulse

AssetPulse is a San Jose, California based company focused exclusively on providing complete customizable IoT-enabled solutions for tracking assets in various domains and industries, including Lab environments, Clean Rooms, IT, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction and Rental Assets. IoT technologies include Passive RFID, Active RFID, Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE), Indoor GPS, Outdoor GPS, LoRaWAN. For more information, please call (408) 872-3104 or visit

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