AssetPulse provides complete, customizable asset tracking software solutions designed to improve the tracking of critical assets and inventory within a company using various RFID and real-time tracking technologies. Our AssetGather software is a web-based asset tracking application that is available either as an on-demand service or as a software license. We work through our network of System Integrators and Reseller Partners to deliver our software application to end-users as part of a customized and complete RFID asset tracking solution.

IT Assets
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Enhance operational efficiency by completing wall-to-wall inventory audits quickly and accurately, spending little or no time in reconciliation. With a single mouse click, obtain accurate reports that Finance and Executive management need to demonstrate compliance. Our AssetGather solution is versatile enough to track not only IT inventory but also associated assets including phones and furniture.  Read More

Oil & Gas
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Maximize ROI by increasing asset utilization. Use AssetGather's advanced dashboards to know what you have in your warehouses or yards and what is at your job sites. RFID enable your assets with ruggedized tags that will withstand any environment in any continent. Reduce downtime at jobs by efficiently managing preventive maintenance and inspections on all your equipment.  Read More

Lab Equipment
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Know where your equipment, prototypes and samples are at all times. Increase productivity of your engineers, scientists and technicians so they spend their time doing actual work and not searching in the labs. Manage preventive maintenance and calibration proactively and efficiently.  Read More

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