AssetPulse announces an RFID Based Check-in / Check-out portal for its flagship AssetGather solution

SAN JOSE, Calif. - July 19th 2019 - AssetPulse, a leading provider of IoT enabled asset tracking solutions unveiled its new check-in/check-out portal that works in conjunction with its flagship AssetGather platform. This RFID enabled platform is an easy, intuitive and efficient way for members in an organization to check-in and check-out assets. This scenario plays out in organizations across multiple domains and industries.

Labs in the pharmaceutical, biomedical devices and high-tech industries allow their engineers and scientists to borrow test and measurement equipment across labs. It is important that they log the check-out, so the last known location of the equipment is available. Requiring manual logging of check out entries in log books often don't happen.

With the AssetGather Check-in / Check-out portal, assets can be checked out efficiently and accurately, thus eliminating the need for manual log entries. Check-in of assets is done in a similar fashion. This portal can be used to handle check-out and check-in of multiple equipment at the same time.

Apart from test and measurement equipment, the AssetGather check-in / Check-out portal is also used in the manufacturing industry to manage tools and in the Armory in US Military Bases to accurately record the daily or periodic check-out and check-in of weapons and ammunition. This portal is essential for organizations in the rental and lease industries.

About AssetPulse

AssetPulse is a San Jose, California based company focused exclusively on providing complete customizable IoT-enabled solutions for tracking assets in various domains and industries, including Lab environments, Clean Rooms, IT, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction and Rental Assets. IoT technologies include Passive RFID, Active RFID, Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE), Indoor GPS, Outdoor GPS, LoRaWAN. For more information, please call (408) 872-3104 or visit

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