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Stuart Petroleum Testers increase operational efficiency with AssetPulse solution, combining RFID and GPS technologies.

Stuart Petroleum Testers, a testing services company, serving the Oil and Gas industry in the United States, has leveraged AssetPulse's RFID and GPS based asset tracking solutions to increase operational efficiencies. SPTesters has seen rapid growth in the past few years, and has expanded into several locations in Louisiana and Texas. With growth, comes the need to improve and automate business processes. With a goal to increase visibility into their static and mobile inventory, they not only tagged their vast pipe inventory with specially designed AssetPulse provided RFID tags, but also attached GPS devices to their high dollar mobile inventory. AssetPulse also worked closely with Stuart Petroleum to streamline their business processes associated with their equipment rental business so they could maximize asset utilization by distributing their inventory efficiently across all their locations.

"The AssetPulse solution has not only helped us gain visibility into our fast growing inventory, but it has also helped us increase efficiency and quality by allowing us to track maintenance and inspections of all our equipment in a proactive manner," says Scott Yariger, President of Stuart Petroleum Testers..

"AssetPulse is gratified to see Stuart Petroleum Testers realize increased operational productivity and improved quality with our AssetGather solution. We are also excited to have helped them integrate RFID and GPS technologies as part of the AssetGather solution, to obtain optimal tracking performance."

About Stuart Petroleum Testers Inc

Stuart Petroleum Testers provides state of the art testing, flow-back and slickline services through multiple locations in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. These services are provides by some of the best trained operators in the industry.

About AssetPulse

AssetPulse is a leading provider of asset tracking solutions that integrate seamlessly with fixed and mobile RFID readers using Passive, Active RFID and GPS Technologies. AssetPulse's AssetGather solution has been successfully deployed at several multinational Oil and Gas companies all over the world, including the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Angola.

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