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RFID Asset Tracking solutions provider AssetPulse completes international deployments for the Oil and Gas industry

SAN JOSE, Calif. - July 20th 2010 - AssetPulse, a leading provider of RFID-enabled asset tracking solutions, announced the completion of the deployment of its solution "AssetGather for Oil & Gas" at key destinations of the industry in USA, Africa and the Middle East. AssetPulse has tailor-made its solutions to meet the needs of organizations servicing the oil industry. Everything from the rugged RFID tags to the application software features have been custom-implemented for the industry's unique environment and use-cases. The AssetPulse RFID Asset tracking solution enables oil and gas organizations to have a complete picture of the assets they own or lease, and provides insight into the utilization, allocation, maintenance and regulatory testing of every individual asset.

AssetPulse has closely worked with a major player in the oil and gas industry for over 3 years. What started as an R&D pilot project for RFID pipe tracking at one facility in the Gulf of Mexico (USA), quickly moved into full-scale production within a year. It was then rolled out to other destinations and multiple segments to track a wide variety of oil field equipment ranging from sophisticated electronic isolation valves to simple metal containers and baskets with each type of asset having its own use-case and process life-cycle. The solution provides immediate asset visibility which has positively impacted the internal process work-flows at the warehouse/yard and at offshore locations.

AssetPulse, in co-ordination with its partners has designed and pioneered customized RFID tags to survive the harsh environments and the rough handling that the items are subject to. Depending on the application and use case, a variety of RFID tags were selected for different asset types after extensive testing. AssetPulse's rugged RFID tags can be embedded inside vulcanized rubber, silicone, ceramic and even metal. The tags can be mounted using steel bands, rubber/steel cables, tie-wraps, bolts or just plain adhesives depending on the surface and form-factor of the items. RFID Tags are also available for high-temperature, high-pressure down-hole applications.

AssetPulse's AssetGather solution combines the benefits of using varied RFID technologies, active and passive, mobile and fixed, which can be paired along with GPS, GPRS devices for real-time asset tracking at multiple locations. The web-based solution allows for accurate and efficient management of current and historical maintenance records for all the assets. The solution has also been customized to flag maintenance violations and to prevent usage of assets that don't meet maintenance and safety standards.

Additionally, the AssetGather system can be configured to send out alerts to notify users whenever maintenance is due or delayed for equipment. "Ensuring strict procedure to comply with regulatory maintenance continues to be critical in the oil industry, especially after the recent disaster in the Gulf coast. Incorporating RFID based scanning into existing process work-flows will allow for a simple, efficient, electronically-recorded and fail-safe method of compliance of every individual asset" said Sujatha Bodapati, CEO of AssetPulse.

Apart from inventory tracking, AssetGather has out-of-the-box capabilities for returnable asset tracking, designed for companies that rent or lease equipment to the oil and gas industry. Personnel can efficiently track equipment that has been sent or received from a job (check-out/check-in), automatically reconcile inventory and flag items that have not returned from the job. The system maintains the history of jobs for every asset and it can generate reports of non-returned or missing assets.

About AssetPulse

AssetPulse is a San Jose, California based company focused exclusively on providing complete customizable RFID-enabled solutions for tracking assets in various industries, including IT, Oil & Gas, Construction and Rental Assets. AssetPulse's solutions integrate seamlessly with fixed and mobile RFID readers using Passive, Semi-Passive and Active RFID Technologies or bar-codes. For more information, please call (408) 872-3104 or visit

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